Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces

Straighten your smile in secret with Lingual Braces

So many people are put off having their teeth straightened because of the way braces look. With lingual braces, that’s a concern of the past. Lingual braces fit on the inside of your teeth, out of sight and out of mind. Using the latest technology, lingual braces are custom-made to fit perfectly against the contours of the back of your teeth.

Why choose lingual braces?

Invisible – as the brackets and wires fit behind your teeth, no one will know that you have braces unless you tell them.

Accurate results – as they are fixed, the braces are constantly at work on your teeth. We can make minute movements to create the most precise results.

Tailor-made – the braces are created with the latest technology so they hug each tooth closely. This maximises comfort and reduces any impact on speech.

Enjoy all the benefits of fixed braces without having to worry about how they look when you smile.

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